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Copy control information

About 2 years ago I wrote a program called Tivo to Media center because we have a Tivo in the family room and an Xbox in the bedroom.  The bedroom TV isn’t hooked up to cable, but we can watch … Continue reading

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Tivo to Media Center

I wish the sun would shine on a weekend, even just for an hour, so I could take some pictures of my car and write a blog post about it.  Alas I haven’t seen the sun in what seems like … Continue reading

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Home networking (and family update at bottom!)

I’ve been meaning to write about our home network for a while now.  It’s funny, because as with most things getting it 90% set up was 10% of the work.  I’ve still got a ton of changes to make, but … Continue reading

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New door lock

A few weeks ago Eric and Jane organized a Christmas get together.  It was a ton of fun; we went out for Chinese food and then eventually saw Avatar.  We also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with … Continue reading

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Phones and home security

Phones and home security don’t seem like they should be related.  At least, I didn’t think about them being related right up until Rach and I decided to get an alarm system.  When we moved to our new house we … Continue reading

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TODO lists

I’m a bit of a list person (just ask Rach).  I really like to put together a todo list for a week and add and remove stuff as I get it done.  It helps keep me focused and makes me … Continue reading

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