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Anson and I are both pretty easy going, so we don’t really have “house rules.” But, recently I’ve had to put my foot down. Let me introduce you to Horton House Rule #1

1. At no time, and in no way, is Anson allowed to talk during NCIS.

No joke. He has an uncanny ability to predict who the villain is within the first 5 minutes of any episode. And, after initially banning his predictions of who the killer is, he began just revealing key plot points.  So, henceforth, Anson is not allowed to talk during NCIS 🙂

Speaking of talking while trying to view something–I actually had a pretty interesting experience with a girl talking through a movie the other night. I went out to see a movie on a Wednesday night (so it wasn’t crowded, yay!) and, despite the small crowd, I still ended up sitting next to someone. I had gotten there early and a guy had taken a seat about 5 places away from me—and right before the movie started, all of his friends showed up to take the seats between me and him (of course!). So, I’m sitting next to this girl and she seems really cute and nice. She just has the incredible habit of saying things (I’m pretty sure she does it unconsciously) at a pretty consistent rate through the entire movie. What she said came in 3 different varieties:

1. Oh my gosh!

2. What?! That’s ridiculous!

3. Did he just say <insert line said about 3 seconds ago in the film>?

After 15 minutes of this, I was finding it pretty hard to focus on the film. I figured I might just be really sensitive to it (no one else seemed to mind or was even distracted), so I made up my mind to have a little fun with it. I decided to count how many times she did one of those things for the rest of the movie—just to see if it was actually as often as I thought it was. I chose “Oh my gosh” because, frankly, that was the only one I couldn’t tune out.  She would even vary it with “Oh….my….gosh” and “Omigosh!”. So, I kept my hands in the giant pocket of my hooded sweatshirt and kept track using my fingers. By the end of the movie (from the time I started counting) she had used that phrase 48 times. That didn’t even include the other two phrases she uttered. I was actually pretty impressed! And I was glad I counted! It was fun and memorable 🙂