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Blinds installed :-)

The blinds that we ordered in late Dec. finally arrived.  We’ve been pestering the lady for a while now to get them installed, but apparently the supplier that the material manufacturer used went out of business at the beginning of … Continue reading

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The shed is up!

Oh, Happy Day!  The nice folks from Tuff Shed came and installed the shed that we had ordered today.  It’s certainly been a long process to figure out exactly what we wanted/needed.  It’s funny, this house is enormous compared to … Continue reading

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Personal Finance (Monthly budget)

I’d like to retire someday.  Not tomorrow maybe, but say 30 or so years down the road.  It occurred to me recently, after having read story after story of an entire generation who is getting ready to retire and will either … Continue reading

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Tivo to Media Center

I wish the sun would shine on a weekend, even just for an hour, so I could take some pictures of my car and write a blog post about it.  Alas I haven’t seen the sun in what seems like … Continue reading

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Home networking (and family update at bottom!)

I’ve been meaning to write about our home network for a while now.  It’s funny, because as with most things getting it 90% set up was 10% of the work.  I’ve still got a ton of changes to make, but … Continue reading

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New door lock

A few weeks ago Eric and Jane organized a Christmas get together.  It was a ton of fun; we went out for Chinese food and then eventually saw Avatar.  We also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with … Continue reading

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House stuff (and Photosynth!)

Recently, we have been working very hard on improving our house. We spent almost every day of Anson’s winter vacation going to furniture stores, taking pictures, measuring, going home, measuring, going back…you get the idea We have now made all … Continue reading

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Phones and home security

Phones and home security don’t seem like they should be related.  At least, I didn’t think about them being related right up until Rach and I decided to get an alarm system.  When we moved to our new house we … Continue reading

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The wonder of hot water

I spent this Sat. morning, as I spend most mornings recently – standing in my lukewarm shower wondering why a 50 gallon hot water tank didn’t seem to have enough heat for a 10 minute shower.  I was further confounded … Continue reading

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