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Anson and I went to Canada this weekend to go to Tim and Joyce’s wedding. It was a BLAST!  The ceremony was held on the top of a mountain in Whistler. The views were amazing!!!

IMG_7605 IMG_7610

Here’s a pic of the groom right before the ceremony. Look how excited he is!

IMG_7616  IMG_7618

The ceremony was beautiful. Joyce was gorgeous in her gown and Tim couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

IMG_7623  IMG_7625

After the ceremony, there was a short photography session. We all enjoyed taking pictures with Alex. For, on the day of Tim and Joyce’s wedding, a great voice boomed with authority saying “SUIT UP!”. And on August the 28th, Alex suited up 🙂

IMG_7630 IMG_7631

After the pictures, we were able to ride on the peak-2-peak gondola. We rode on the one with the glass on the floor so you could see down. Again, the views were AMAZING!  Of course, I did get a little queezy when the teenager in the gondola decided to jump on the glass. But, it didn’t break so it was okay 🙂

IMG_7632 IMG_7638

IMG_7641 IMG_7646

Shockingly, I didn’t really take any pictures at the reception (oops!).  They had a cool airport/airmail theme because their relationship was long distance. There were little airplanes everywhere. VERY cool! I have a couple videos, but I’m not going to post them. Though, I will say it was very sweet when Tim sang the first verse of their first dance song to Joyce while Sam played the guitar. Say it with me people—Awww!  I actually have one picture and here it is:


They had an ice sculpture that said “J &T” on it with an arrow pointing up. It doubled as a drinking device late in the reception. I have no idea how Tim got this approved for the wedding, but it was super-cool! 🙂


Oh wait, one more thing. The best part about going over the border was talking to the border patrol. On the way back they were firing off a bunch of questions and they asked Anson where he worked. When he replied “Microsoft” another agent shouted from the booth “No way! Let me see that passport!”.  The agents passed the passport back and forth before coming to the car window, looking at Anson, and saying “I’ve never met someone who is actually from the US that works at Microsoft!” 🙂

This weekend I went scootering around Bainbridge Island with some friends. Truthfully, I didn’t drive a scooter. When you go to rent a scooter they have you ride around the parking lot on it for a while to get used to it—I never seemed able to get the thing under control. So, I was going to back out and just go home, but the scooter people said I could ride as a passenger with an experienced driver. Sam was nice enough to let me ride on the passenger seat of his scooter. Thanks Sam! I’m SO glad I went! It was a ton of fun!! The weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing—plus, it’s super fun to ride a scooter. Anson says he’ll take me out sometime to learn to drive one or maybe we can take a class 🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures of the trip:

These first few are from the ferry ride to the island.




The rest are pictures of us (and the view) from around the island 🙂

IMG_7599 IMG_7600


IMG_7602 IMG_7603

Anson and I are both pretty easy going, so we don’t really have “house rules.” But, recently I’ve had to put my foot down. Let me introduce you to Horton House Rule #1

1. At no time, and in no way, is Anson allowed to talk during NCIS.

No joke. He has an uncanny ability to predict who the villain is within the first 5 minutes of any episode. And, after initially banning his predictions of who the killer is, he began just revealing key plot points.  So, henceforth, Anson is not allowed to talk during NCIS 🙂

Speaking of talking while trying to view something–I actually had a pretty interesting experience with a girl talking through a movie the other night. I went out to see a movie on a Wednesday night (so it wasn’t crowded, yay!) and, despite the small crowd, I still ended up sitting next to someone. I had gotten there early and a guy had taken a seat about 5 places away from me—and right before the movie started, all of his friends showed up to take the seats between me and him (of course!). So, I’m sitting next to this girl and she seems really cute and nice. She just has the incredible habit of saying things (I’m pretty sure she does it unconsciously) at a pretty consistent rate through the entire movie. What she said came in 3 different varieties:

1. Oh my gosh!

2. What?! That’s ridiculous!

3. Did he just say <insert line said about 3 seconds ago in the film>?

After 15 minutes of this, I was finding it pretty hard to focus on the film. I figured I might just be really sensitive to it (no one else seemed to mind or was even distracted), so I made up my mind to have a little fun with it. I decided to count how many times she did one of those things for the rest of the movie—just to see if it was actually as often as I thought it was. I chose “Oh my gosh” because, frankly, that was the only one I couldn’t tune out.  She would even vary it with “Oh….my….gosh” and “Omigosh!”. So, I kept my hands in the giant pocket of my hooded sweatshirt and kept track using my fingers. By the end of the movie (from the time I started counting) she had used that phrase 48 times. That didn’t even include the other two phrases she uttered. I was actually pretty impressed! And I was glad I counted! It was fun and memorable 🙂

I have spent the past 2 days taking benedryl, sleeping, and then taking more benedryl. I’m beginning to wonder if it is due to the construction near our house—maybe they’re stirring up lots of pollen. Oh well! I’m feeling better today, so I’ll focus on that 🙂

Angie has challenged me to do a running program with her and I did my first trial today. It’s not too bad. Of course, I think it starts out pretty easy :)  The program is set to train you to do a 5k, so maybe I’ll run one later this year. I know of a few in December, so it’s definitely a good goal to have.

I (finally) finished book 10 in ‘Wheel of Time’ and started book 11. Chris has assured me that book 11 is better, so if it’s not I am holding him personally responsible! I was really hoping to finish these books before I started to teach, but it has been slow—I’ve still got a couple weeks though 🙂

Also in my free time—I downloaded all of the free ‘Countdown to Christmas’ apps for the iphone to figure out which one was best. I have to say, some of them had really cool features. For example, one of them had a Christmas tree in the background that gets bigger as Christmas gets closer. Another one plays Christmas carols and will change the song every time you shake the phone. In the end I chose a pretty simple one. The determining factor? It put the ads (that apparently appear on ALL of the free apps) in the least annoying place. Go figure.

Alright, I’m going to try to be better about updating the page more often.  Let’s see if I can get it up to once or twice a week 🙂

This is the last week of ESY (extended school year—“summer school” to all you non-teachers out there). I’m pretty excited about it. It was a little chaotic coming into the classroom mid-summer. I’m looking forward to having my own classroom in the fall. Speaking of the fall—I’m slowly getting more information about my job placement. I will be teaching extended day preschool, which is a bit different than teaching regular preschool. It sounds like it is a program specifically for students with autism and I will spend all day writing programs and collecting/analyzing data. Nobody that I talked to today really knew the specifics of the job, so it will be exciting to get in there in the fall and make the job my own 🙂

I am slowly working up the courage to install the 2nd curtain rod. I’ve taken the rod out of the packaging, looked at it, read the directions, and then slowly placed everything back in the packaging and back on the kitchen table. I’m really not looking forward to destroying the wall more than I already have. Someday, I’m sure the amount of sunlight coming into the house will be unbearable….someday.

This summer I have been taking hot yoga classes. I must admit that my lungs are not particularly happy about the 104 degrees and 40% humidity.  If the room is anywhere close to crowded, I end up sitting out quite a bit. The one time that I did pretty well was when the class was pretty empty. I am thinking about trying to find regular (non-hot) yoga classes. It’s a tough call though—the heat is pretty unbearable, but you feel so great when you leave the class. We’ll see 🙂

Two quick notes to end the post:

Happy Birthday Grandma Horton!

143 Days ‘till Christmas 🙂