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Rach and I just got finished carving pumpkins!   You can see the results below.  Any guesses on who carved which? (Aren’t the shadow bats cool?)


Earlier this evening we watched the season finale of Project Runway (Mondo got robbed), while eating yummy Chinese food.  Now we’re about to watch scary movies.  I’m a little worried though, because the movie I asked for is apparently a comedy, and I remember it as a horror.  Makes me wonder whether we ended up getting some movie other than the one I remember :) 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Facebook!  I know I haven’t posted recently.  Work has been extremely busy, and while that isn’t much of an excuse, it’s pretty much the only one I’ve got.  I expect things will remain roughly equally as busy up until at least Thanksgiving.  I’m hoping around then that things will slow down at least slightly. 

Regardless, great birthday so far, and now off to watch a horror/comedy.

The Halloween decorations are up!  I managed to get the spider webs connected to the ceiling.  Now, I don’t want to reveal all my decorating secrets, but I will say it involved a hammer and some wall  🙂

Anson was all smiles when he came home, so I’m thinking the decorations are a success!

Now we just need to solidify our scary Halloween plans. So far, we have pumpkin carving to do, ‘13 Ghosts’ to watch, and candy to hand out. If any one has any suggestions for other scary movies to watch, I’m open to suggestions.  I’m a little sad because I’m not convinced anyone is going to come trick-or-treating to our house. Our driveway is SO long that I’m pretty sure people will deem it “not worth it” to walk all the way down it. At least, I know the teenagers will!

I had some time this weekend to read (for fun!). I am about halfway through the most recent Wheel of Time book.  I might actually finish it before the next book comes out. Yay!  Of course, I still have Brandon Sanderson’s new book to read as well…so many good books out there!

The holidays are here! The holidays are here! 🙂


This is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year!  I sent a candy bowl into work with Anson (all you people at Microsoft should stop by and get some! Let me know if he runs out and I will send in more. And I take requests.).  This week I will go into the shed and pull out all of the Halloween decorations.  Woohoo! Now I just have to figure out how to get all of the crazy spiderwebs hooked to the tall ceilings when I don’t have a ladder.  Hmm…

Generally, I shake my fist and frown at all of the local business who put up decorations for Christmas before the preceeding holidays have occurred. I have a rule that I will not work on one holiday if another holiday is set to occur before it. However, this year I broke that rule —I spent the past 2 days making my Thanksgiving invitations. It had to be done.  I work all week and next weekend is Anson’s birthday and Halloween. So, it had to be done this weekend if it was going to be done at all. And I like hand-making the invitations.  I guess this year I will have to forego my ban on visiting a business with Christmas decorations before December—maybe 🙂

Speaking of Christmas (eep! I’m doing it again!), I just found out that my handbell choir will be playing at Bellevue Square mall as one of the holiday performance groups!!! I think we will be playing on December 15th.  And yes, we will be playing Carol of the Bells 🙂

This posting was given 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from Dad because he likes the holidays too!


Recently I took a trip out to Nebraska to visit my sick grandmother. It gave me an opportunity to catch up with some family that I hadn’t seen in years. It was great to see everyone!


I only got to see Grandma for a few minutes on Friday. I had been sick earlier in the week and had to make sure I was well enough to visit with her. We got some cute pictures of Grandma with her great grandchildren.

IMG_7676   IMG_7672

I also got to spend an evening with almost the whole Hotovy family! In case you were wondering where I get my height from, these pictures should answer the question for you 🙂


Angie and I were playing a scrabble game on my iphone. She would play a word and then I would proceed to hand my phone off to “Team Rachel.”  Team Rachel won 🙂


You might notice that the Team Rachel picture doesn’t actually include a “Rachel.”  No worries. I assure you that I was there supporting my team with smiles and hi’5’s 🙂


We got a picture with all of the girl cousins present: Sarah, Leah, Me and Angie


And also a picture with Steve and Marguerite’s family:  Leah, Angie, Mark, Me (and Mia), Paul, Alex, and Joel


It’s fun being in Nebraska. It’s the only time I get to be in the short/front row of pictures!


And, of course, I got to spend tons of time with the world’s cutest nieces!

We got Kira some crazy ice cream


Snuggles with Mia!


And, of course, going to Nebraska’s super-awesome zoo! If you want to see more zoo pictures, Angie posted them to facebook. So bug her!


Kira at the Zoo

And, that’s about it!  There are tons more pictures, so let me know if you want me to send you some copies (Angie—that’s you!).


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