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Wow, it has been an exciting holiday!  We spent Christmas Eve having dinner with some friends.

IMG_7830   IMG_7832

IMG_7834  IMG_7836

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I made truffles for dessert. While I was making them, I thought to myself “wow, there’s a lot of chocolate in this bowl. I wonder how many truffles this recipe makes.”  Turns out, it makes 144.  Oops! :-)  Well,  lesson learned! Always read the recipe BEFORE beginning to cook!  On a completely different note, does anybody want some truffles?


After that, I went to ring bells at church. We rang Carol of the Bells faster than we’ve ever played it before! It was great!!!

I got home just in time to get ready for Santa’s arrival.  At 12:00 my countdown ornament read “Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!” 🙂

At 12:01 we sat beneath the tree, ready to open presents!

IMG_7855   IMG_7856


We got lots of neat stuff from Santa in our stockings.  Mugs! Socks! Yay!


IMG_7860   IMG_7861



We also opened our 8-year anniversary gifts!  We got each other ornaments 🙂

IMG_7863   IMG_7869

IMG_7851   IMG_7858


Now, we are settling down to watch a Christmas movie.  What a wonderful day! Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night 🙂

I finally have a Windows phone! Yay! It was way easier to set up than the iphone was. I didn’t need Anson’s help at all 🙂 Merry Christmas to me!

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on holiday crafts/cookies/etc. I hope people like home-made gifts. Or, at least, are willing to pretend to like them long enough to get them home. 

Even though I’ve been diligently working on Christmas stuff all December, I’m still behind on a couple of things.  For example, I haven’t mailed the Christmas cards yet.  Hopefully, that will be done early next week.

Beta is actually showing an interest in Christmas this year!  We’ve had her for about 9 or so years now and she has NEVER touched the Christmas decorations. This year she decided to climb the fake tree.  I yelled at her and she hid behind the dancing snowman (which is much smaller than her, so it didn’t work very well as a hiding place).  She hasn’t tried it again—hopefully she learned her lesson. I would hate to have to either a) stop putting out decorations or b) train her.

What has everyone else been up to this holiday season?  Any fun cookie recipes to share?  I found a traditional Christmas wassail recipe that I intend to make on Christmas Eve. Yum!