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Over the holidays, Anson and I got some new office equipment (I got a new computer, he got a new monitor and desk).  We spent a bunch of time setting it up and I finally got a picture of it:


Anson has his desk on the left.  His old desk (the corner desk I am now using) was no longer big enough to hold his monitor.  He got a GIANT monitor!  My desk is, of course, decorated with stuffed animals and cards from Kira.  And what office would be complete without a chair for the cat?  Beta even posed for the picture 🙂

I’ve also spent some time hanging more pictures around the house.  I haven’t “finalized” any of the new wall hangings yet, but I’ll be sure to post pictures when I do.  Maybe that would be a good resolution for me—to limit the number of holes I put in the walls. 

I know I promised pictures of our new office set up to go with this post, but I lied.  Not intentionally—I’m just not done setting up the office yet 🙂 Truthfully, I took some pictures and realized just how bare the walls are in here, so I want to put up some pictures before I take the picture.  Naturally, I ran out of wall hangers. So, sometime this week, I promise! 

Most people are familiar with my ability to break things at an almost unbelievable rate.  In the past, most of the things that I have broken have been pieces of technology: an xbox, laptop, another xbox, another laptop, garage door opener, another xbox, a zune….you get the idea.  Well, I think I have finally broken that trend this year! Yes, I have now started to break things that have no wires.  The first death was, as I mentioned before, our wine opener. The 2nd broken item of the year—my engagement ring. I know what you’re thinking—how in the world does one “break” a diamond ring?  Well, I honestly can’t tell you. And neither can the nice people at Shane Co. I was just taking it in to be cleaned (which I like to do because then it’s super shiny!).  The guy took it to the work room and almost immediately came back out and showed me how the prongs holding up the diamond were broken.  He had no idea how I did it—I think he was actually a little impressed. Fortunately it was caught before any of the diamonds fell out. And they fixed it for free. Yay!  I am a little worried about what I’m going to break next…but not as worried as I should be.  I mean, what can I break that would be worse than my engagement ring?  Well…the house, I suppose, would be worse. Hmmm…. <knocks on wood>

It’s a new year and I finally have my computer set up so that I can post again 🙂

Anson, being the brilliant husband that he is, has bought me not one, but TWO pieces of new technology.  For Christmas he gave me a kindle.  I wasn’t sure how much I would use it at first. However, after losing a week of time because I was reading through the night and sleeping part of the day—I’m convinced he made a good gift choice.  Truthfully, I woke up one day and, upon realizing I had no idea what day it was, figured I should probably take a little break.  Maybe go play with some of my other toys 🙂

He also got me a ninja computer.  For all of you people out there who are actually knowledgeable about technology and worried you don’t know what a “ninja computer” is, let me assure you that it is not an actual product, it’s just what I call my computer—my computer with hidden compartments that I need my husband’s help to open. On the plus side, I don’t play with the compartments, which makes it less likely that I will break my computer <knock on wood>.

Speaking of things breaking—the first 2011 casualty of my ability to break things through normal use has occurred.  I broke the wine opener. Yes, after years of using it once or twice, it has “bit the dust.”  Ironically, it did so on the day that I finally found a QFC that carries the wine I like.  I feel like I’m living an Alanis Morisette song.

Anybody have any new years resolutions this year?  I really dislike writing them.  I’m always disappointed at the beginning of the following year when I realize all of the things I haven’t done yet.  So, this year I decided to write a list for Anson instead.

1. Watch more 80’s movies.  He’s seen shockingly few.  I’m tempted to narrow the field more by saying he needs to watch some John Hughes 80’s movies (I mean, who hasn’t seen Sixteen Candles? Seriously!?).

2. Play more WoW. You may be thinking, “why?”…because I think he should have a resolution to do something that will make him happy 🙂

3. And lastly, expand his ugly sweater collection. I want him to have an ugly sweater for every holiday party next year! 

I suppose I will write one for myself. Just to be fair. And because Anson is sitting across the room from me right now trying to convince me that I am responsible for some of his resolutions.  So, here goes:

1. I will take more  pictures.

But not for this post 🙂

Expect pictures of our new office set up in my next post.