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Anson and I have been having fun this past week!  Over the weekend, we went to see “Take Me Home Tonight.” I’m sure you are all tired of hearing about this movie. No worries.  It’s only been in the theatre for 2 weeks and it’s already down to 1 showing per day. I’m sure it will fade from memory soon. 

We enjoyed dressing up for the movie.  Anson had a ‘80s tshirt on:


Anson is doing his 1980’s pose.  I’m going to go with “it’s an homage to Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club.”  He’s also in the same pose as the kool-aid man on his shirt 🙂

I went a little wacky and crimped my hair, wore legwarmers, etc:



My 80’s pose is, well, frightening.  But, it was fun. Just like the 80’s 🙂

We also got to visit with Aunt Meredith. She was in town for a conference and was able to stop by to see the new house and go out to dinner. I consider the visit a success because Beta actually let Aunt Meredith pet her. She must be pretty special!