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This year we ended up with a pretty big group at the house for Thanksgiving.  All told, I think we had around 12 people.  So, naturally I baked a 23 lb turkey for dinner 🙂

I have to say that this year’s turkey was particularly good.  I’m beginning to think that the bigger the turkey is, the better it is going to taste.  I’m sure we eat enough turkey at our house to thoroughly test out this theory over the next year.

This year I baked 2 apple pies and chocolate cake pops for dessert. I think I am going to have to accept that we don’t all eat like college students any more.  We didn’t even finish the pies!  Ah well—Thanksgiving leftovers are awesome!

We kept many of our Thanksgiving traditions alive, including making Chris carve the turkey. He did an excellent job, as always. And there’s only a 33% chance that he’s the one who dented the tin to leak turkey grease all over the counter. That percentage gets better every year. Go Chris!


We got to spend time catching up with our friends, old and new 🙂



IMG_8657       IMG_8666

Irfaan brought over a new game to share with us.  It’s called “Betrayal at House on the Hill.”  It was a pretty awesome game (and he let us keep it because he’s super awesome)!

Basically, everybody explores the haunted house until “the bad thing” happens.  One person betrays the rest of the group and they battle against each other until the end.  The game has a huge number of scenarios that can play out, so it’s fun to play multiple times.

Here are a couple shots of the board as we first started exploring the haunted house.



Then Fiona betrayed us!  You can tell, since she has the “Traitor Tome.” 🙂



Just a couple pics of Michael and Irfaan enjoying the game.  Go good guys!



And Chris helped Fiona as she attacked us all. Go traitors! 😛


We also played Stomple and Martian Flux (and 2 more games of Betrayal at House on the Hill with Irfaan at the end of the night).

We had such a great time celebrating with friends and can’t wait to do it again next year.

Thanks everyone for making our Thanksgiving a happy one!