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At the end of my trip to Maryland, I got to help throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law Daniela.  She is due in May and I am SUPER excited to have another niece to dote on 🙂


For the first time I played the baby food game and actually ate the baby food—I do not envy babies 😛

Angie and I took the kiddos to Yogi Castle one last time. Kira has become a master and filling her cup with multiple kinds of frozen yogurt and 10 or so toppings.  She eats it all, so I can’t complain.  I’m just glad she enjoys it!



We also went to the park to play!  Wahoo!



I definitely miss those kiddos, but I’m glad to be home :) 

I managed to catch the plague from one of the seven or so sick people on my flight back. I spent the first five days after my trip sick in bed. I am FINALLY getting back into my routine.  I guess it’s time to start jogging again!