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I’ve never been one to trust new technology.  I avoided email and the internet until my friends convinced me to “give it a try.”  Then, I used it strictly for email purposes.  Had to keep in touch with Anson somehow while he was at Microsoft, right?

Slowly, my teachers began to request papers be typed instead of hand-written (though that wasn’t a requirement until some time in high school—yeah, I’m old).  So, grudgingly, I used my computer for papers as well.  Research, however, I only did in the library until my second year of college.

Shopping on the internet though…well, I revolted against that until it became absolutely necessary. I think it was about five years after moving to Washington that I started to really rely on online shopping for gifts and random purchases.  I do most of my shopping through Amazon, probably because I have used it enough to be comfortable with it. Aside from that, I tend to wait until Anson officially endorses a purchase before pressing the “buy” button on any site.

Recently, however, I’ve discovered a few shopping sites that intrigue me.  The first is from true&co.  Boys, you should skip this section—it will hold no interest for you. True&Co is a company that works to find bras that actually fit.  You take a short quiz online, make a deposit of $45, pick a couple of bras, and wait. They will send you a package with 5 bras that you can try on in the comfort of your own home. Each bra is $45, so your deposit will cover one of them.  You can pick the ones you like and return the rest. They provide the box and label and everything! It was SO easy! I had a great experience with them and I highly recommend trying it out.  I hate, hate, hate shopping for bras and they made it non-terrifying! Love it! 

The other site is one that I have not tried yet.  I plan to give it a try in the next couple of weeks.  It is a site called It is a way to buy at-home hair coloring with support from stylists (so you don’t have to guess at which colors to choose) and it ends up costing less than $25—at least, that’s the claim.  I’m excited to have an option that doesn’t require me to pay hundreds of dollars at a salon.  Now I just have to pick a color 🙂

In other news (welcome back, boys!), Anson and I will be running the Turkey Trot in Kirkland on November 18th to raise money for Hopelink.  If anybody wants to run with us, we’d love to have the company! I will be running slowly, so any other speed-challenged runners are welcome to run by my side. Anson will be running much more quickly.  Everyone else can go chase him 🙂