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Anson and I have been looking forward to the Renaissance Fair for months now!  Today was the day 🙂

We got there and were immediately impressed by all of the costumes.  We tried to get pictures of some of them, but people were moving pretty quickly:




My personal favorite was this family:



As we walked by, we overheard this conversation:

Little Girl: I’m the Fairy Butterfly Princess

Big Scary Dad: No, I’M the Fairy Butterfly Princess

Little Girl: But I’m the Fairy Butterfly Princess

Big Scary Dad: Nope, I’m the Fairy Butterfly Princess


Too cute 🙂


My “big fun thing” for the day was getting my hair braided.  It was neat because you could request something specific or just tell them a price and let them have braider’s play time (which is, of course, what I did).  Here are some pictures of the process and the final product:





Notice the cat ears?  So fun!

There were a ton of shows going on all over the place. We didn’t sit and watch any of them, but we did check quite a few of them out.

Dancing around the Maypole:



Sword-fighting Lessons:



Robin Hood-type Show:




Angry Pirates about to Riot:


And lots of musical acts:


Now this was interesting. They got 2 groups of kids/people in a ring and gave them nerf weapons.  Then, they let them battle. It was pretty cool 🙂


One of the things we decided to try was weapon throwing.  We had a choice between stars (easiest), knives (medium), and axes (hard). We decided to go for knives.  I got some pretty awesome shots of Anson. He got some…well…shots of me 😛




At least I can say I actually got a knife to stick on the target! Yay me!


I had a lot of fun checking out the animals. So many people bring their pets to the Fair.  I need to get a pet that will go to this kind of thing with me.

This guy’s cat wore a costume and sat on his shoulder all day. Awesome!


Shetland Pony!


What’s a Renaissance Fair without camel rides?


Lots of dogs, but only one breed caught my eye. The Irish Wolfhound. They are HUGE and SWEET!



The owner had brought 4 dogs with him and I loved them.  I asked a few questions about the breed.  To give you some perspective—one of these dogs weights 165 lbs.  Now, how to convince Anson to like these dogs…hmm…


Anyway, that was our trip to the Fair. Can’t wait till next year!