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Anson and I are both signed up for a 5k next week—it will be my first.  You might think that I would be training and preparing for the race.  But that is, in fact, the exact opposite of what I have been doing.  Instead, I have been lounging around and “working” on my computer.  I have crafted items, written letters, and even cleaned the house.  So many things have been accomplished, but the purpose behind all of my work has been to avoid working out.

I have been attempting to exercise on Fridays—it’s nice to end the week with a sense of accomplishment (accomplishment = finally doing that thing you’ve been putting off all week).  So, today I found myself out walking/jogging on the Sammamish River Trail while chatting with a gal pal.  She brought it to my attention that I have reached casual jogger status.  I can call myself a “casual jogger” and no one can argue with me. 

This is great for 2 reasons.  First, it actually inspires me to work out more.  I feel as though jogging could be one of my “things.”  But secondly, and much more importantly, the thought of being a casual jogger cracks me up.  It brings up images in my head of someone relaxing while jogging.  If a random person were to bump into me and make me stop momentarily, I would simply reply, “it’s cool—didn’t interrupt anything formal—just casual jogging here.”  I feel like I should wear a track suit and sunglasses while doing it.   I can sing 80’s music while I’m chugging along because I’m not killing myself—I’m keeping it casual.  So awesome. 🙂

Anson, of course, is going to run the 5k about twice as fast as me.  In fact, I’ll take a bet that he does.  If I win, I expect hi-5’s all around.