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This year, Anson and I decided to put some more effort towards decorating for the holidays.  We are trying out some new Halloween decorations and have been really happy with the results.  The pictures don’t really do them justice, but we’ll post them anyway 🙂

First, we put some black haunted decorations in the family room.  They are glittery and the chandelier is the centerpiece—these are the best pictures I could get.


In the background of the second shot, you can see we have some “Halloween” crime scene tape placed along our back door.  We’ve also decorated the dining area (more on that later).

The doorway has spider webs, which has been a tradition for a few years now. I have to duck to get around it, but it’s one of my favorite things about this time a year. It really sets a tone.


The webs also block the bathroom door (unfortunately—nobody’s perfect!).

The dining room is more fall-themed.  It’s great because it means it can stay up for Thanksgiving.



You can see the plaid table cloth, the orange lights, and the pumpkins hanging from the ceiling.  Also, we carved our first pumpkin of the year!



Pumpkin carving is SO MUCH FUN!  I like to clean out the pumpkin so that I can roast pumpkin seeds—Anson likes to carve.  We’re a perfect match!  We’ll probably carve at least one more this year.  We’ve been watching Halloween Wars and are greatly inspired by Ray Villafane.  Anson says he might even try sculpting a pumpkin 🙂

Our last decoration is an oldie but goodie:


The evil screaming mask! AHHHH!

We hope y’all are having as much fun as we are 🙂

Over the summer, Anson and I have tried to spend some time on the weekends rollerblading. We’ve owned rollerblades for several years, but I always seemed to end up in crutches after a couple of minutes skating. Needless to say, they were hardly ever used.

This summer we came up with a good solution. We would only skate on a completely flat surface that had no other people around—the top of the parking garage 🙂

anson rollerblade2Rach Rollerblade1

My form has clearly improved. You will notice that I’m not on the ground in these pictures.

anson rollerblade1Rach Rollerblade2

Maybe someday I’ll be able to skate backwards and jump around like my hubby.  Until then, I’ll settle for staying upright 🙂