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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had a great celebration this year.  Lots of friends came over for dinner and I even tried out a few new recipes.  We had pumpkin soup (thank goodness people were willing to take home leftovers—I made WAY too much).  I have to thank Mike and Sharon for loaning me the immersion blender.  What a fantastic invention!

Dinnerdinner 2

Rach Thanksgiving 2012 2

As always, there was pie. This year, Cyrus came over early to learn how to bake them. He did a great job!  Though, people have been eating less and less pie every year.  I might only need to make one pie next year. I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Rach and Cyrus making pies 2012

And, as always, we played some games.  This year we played a new game—Quelf!  It was a hilarious game, but it’s pretty hard to explain. So, I’ll just share some pictures:

Veronica 2Phillip

Rach GameCyrus and Irfaan

Irfaan and lipstick. It was a very fetching color on him 🙂



Irfaan Lipstick

Yes, this is Cyrus. And yes, he is holding a toilet wand.  Like a said, the game is hilarious 🙂


Cyrus Toilet 

Of course, we played Trivial Pursuit. Team Purple (my team) got all the pips before Team Blue (Anson’s team) got even one. Go us!


All in all, it was a very happy Thanksgiving. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us!