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On Day 2 of our trip, Angie and her family showed up early in the morning.  The Inn was nice enough to let them check in super early—so awesome 🙂


We started off the day by going sledding. The girls were super excited about the sledding hill out back.  There wasn’t any fresh snow, so it was just a hill maintained by the Inn.


It was a lot of fun going down the first few times.  The girls were having a blast!






After the first few trips down, we had packed down the snow enough that the hill was almost completely ice. That’s when we all started wiping out.  All the adults had sore bottoms—the kids were lucky enough to have super-padded snow suits.

Mia was the first to sustain an injury. She had a bloody nose. As they were carrying her up the hill, she was screaming “I want to go down again!”  So, we let her :)  After the adults got sore enough, we all gave up.




Later that day, we all went to the Unique Gift Shop. No cameras allowed.  But, there was a neat moose outside.



They had some cool hand-crafted stuff. They claimed the chocolate they made was as good as lindt—it wasn’t.

We then went to the Norman Rockwell Museum.  Also an unheated warehouse :)  The girls had a lot of fun!  It was really neat to see all the artwork.  Mia’s favorite was the one where the dog was trying to pull the boy’s pants off.



Kira liked trying to act like the people in the paintings 🙂



After the museum, we went to a place called Kelvin’s for lunch. It was pretty awesome food.  Angie got a sandwich called the “Kelvinator” which I’m pretty sure contained multiple kinds of meat and french fries. So good!



All the girls got peppermint patties! Love this pic!


Kira played some Flow Free over lunch—love it!


When we got back to the inn, we got to meet up with Anson’s parents. 


And then—PAJAMA PARTY!  We watched White Christmas (in Vermont—yay!), ate candy, and just had an all-around good time.





What a great way to end the night!  The next day….the vow renewal!