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The window in our kitchen gets quite a bit of action.  It’s about 5 feet from the wetlands, so it’s right next to a lot of wildlife.  We keep having birds run into the window.  No one dies, but it does make a rather disturbing thump noise. 

So, I purchased some holographic scare tape—made specifically for just such situations. In theory, you put the tape on the window and the birds are too scared to fly into it. 

I put the tape on the window one evening as the sun was going down.  The next morning as soon as the sun came up, no less than 100 birds strategically attacked the window in a terrifying rage.  They continued to fearlessly ram the window until all of the holographic tape was gone.  At least now when one or two hit the window, it doesn’t seem so bad.

This morning, however, a bird was at the window above our front door.  Tap. Tap. Tapping on the window.  Staring at me.  I would have taken a picture, but I didn’t want to lose the staring contest (no worries, I won).  They’re surrounding my house though.  I worry that one day, they’ll make their move.  Any ideas on how to scare them away before they break a window? Or themselves?

I have not had the greatest experience at the salon recently.  The past two times I have gone in, they have had a completely different staff each time.  And I was becoming less and less happy with my hair.  Most recently, I had gotten my hair highlighted.  The gal couldn’t figure out the colors that had been used on my hair in the past (despite the records the salon keeps), so she “improvised.”  Also, she talked at length about how she does highlighting differently than everyone else—not necessarily a good thing.

She did the highlights a few shades lighter than I’m used to and didn’t evenly space them.  My hair looked pretty streaky and there were pockets of un-highlighted hair. As my hair started to grow out, it got really ugly.  That’s why I decided to look for a new salon.

I made an appointment at a new salon without really knowing what I wanted to have done. I just wanted to look “better” and have people who could help me do that.  Which brings me to today 🙂

Here is my before picture:



This picture doesn’t really do my hair justice; you can’t see the odd highlighting.  The  old stylist had tried to put bangs in my hair, so I have a giant chunk of hair just pushed off to the side. Most days I would pin it back—not the most stylish look.

So, after a quick consultation, I was on the path for a whole new look!



So nervous!  This is me sitting with dye in my hair thinking “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”



In the end, I think it looks pretty darn good.  Especially the purple layers 🙂

Purple Hair

I have tried a few times over the years to grow a plant or two.  No luck though.  I had to give up on an herb garden after one season—it completed molded over.  And the other plants have just plain died.  Likely from over-watering. Or under-watering.  I can’t tell.

We’re getting some work done on our lawn this week and I would love to plant something with flowers in my yard.  I think that individual flowers would be too delicate for me to care for and a tree would be too big for our yard. So, I’m looking to find a flowering bush that can survive in the Seattle climate.  And that requires almost no work from me. It’s probably safer for the plant that way 🙂

Anybody have any suggestions?

I’d love to plant a hydrangea or something similar.  I think it’d be pretty full in appearance and there would be some nice flowers to bring in and put in a vase.

One side of our house gets a ton of sun and the other side gets almost none—go figure!  Any thoughts?


It has been far too long since I’ve posted. I usually like to wait until I have some good pictures to share before I write a post, but I’m still learning to use my new camera. Hopefully that will change soon 🙂

We’ve been slowly working on our home improvement projects.  I’ve been stalling on doing any major projects because 1) it makes me nervous to make such big/expensive changes and 2) I don’t like having strangers in the house. Thus far, we’ve just been doing small and easy projects.  We had a house cleaner come and do a spring cleaning which was WONDERFUL.  She cleaned the blinds, scrubbed the baseboards, etc.  All of those things that I have been avoiding.  Super awesome.

Because I’m not too excited to have people in the house, I’ve decided the next project will be the outside of the house.  I have scheduled for the lawn to be manicured, a small hill to be moved and a gravel path put in so that we can more easily access our shed, mulch all around the yard, removal of blackberry bushes, cleaning and de-mossing the roof, cleaning the gutters, and power-washing the sidewalk and driveway. Phew!   I’m excited to see the final result 🙂

After that, I think I will start looking at re-painting the interior of the house. It is currently a purple/gray color in every room.  Fortunately, our real estate agent, Irene Nash, has offered to come and help me pick out colors. Thank goodness!  I have no sense of style or design at all. 

That’s all for now!