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As promised, I took some pictures of the areas of the house I have been working on.  Let’s start in the kitchen 🙂

I went through all of my old Tupperware and matched every tub to a lid.  I decided that things get too messy when I keep the tubs and lids separate (even if it does save space).  I kept only the tubs with lids and only the ones that were in good enough shape to continue using.  They fit pretty well alongside my holiday serving plates.

Next up were the pots and pans.  Again, I started with matching up the items with the lids.  We had about 3 sets of lids from over the years—they matched nothing in my kitchen.  Gone!

I purchased an organizer that holds 2 pans and all the lids. It works perfectly because it holds the one pan and lid I use for cooking on a weekly basis—easy to take out, easy to put away.  Unfortunately, because of the way the cabinet is designed, I had to put it in backwards (which means it can’t slide in/out).  I don’t mind though.  The top shelf in the back is full of my baking dishes (pie pans, cake pans, bread pans).  I’m pretty happy with the results.

Next up, the pantry (complete with the letter “r,” just for Eric Lawrence).  It’s not perfect, but it works. We used to have a lot of extra appliances all over the place and you couldn’t walk in the door.  I got rid of the old appliances we never use any more and the ones that were broken/missing parts. Now, everything has it’s own place—even if it does still look cluttered.

The laundry room was actually finished a while ago, but I thought I would share.  Different bins for all the cleaning supplies, organized by room/cleaning surface. Works pretty well. Now I just have to start using the cleaning supplies 🙂

Master Closet—this one took a while.  I got bins for the top shelves to hold the clothes that were stacked on top before.  Across the back, there is a small stack of extra blankets and then new blue bins. They hold towels for the master bath, sheets for the master bed, and the last one has hats and purses.  On the floor there are a couple of containers of clothes being stored for different kinds of weather.  Anson and I both have a set of drawers for our work out clothes.  Hanging on the left side are my long-sleeved items organized by ROYGBIV. Along the back are my short-sleeved items, then pants, skirts, and dresses. Anson has the right side and he gets to organize it however he wants 🙂

Next stop, the upstairs! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about it next week 🙂

So far this weekend, I have cleaned out the shelves of pots/pans and tupperware.  I’ve also done some work on the pantry.  I discovered that I have TWO juicers—I didn’t even know I had one!  I have been drinking green smoothies in the morning, but I thought this might be a nice change. Plus, it’s another way to get my veggies (something I’m terrible at). 

This morning, I tried 3 organic apples, 3 carrots and a cup of spinach.  Here was the result:

Juicing Experiment


Mmmm…healthy!  Anybody have any good recipes to share? 🙂

We’ve gotten a couple of emails recently asking about what we have been up to. The short answer is: nothing interesting.  Anson works. I work.  Though my job is way more awesome—today, Alex and I went to the zoo and fed the giraffes (Zoos are so much more awesome now! When I was a kid…).  Anyway, I thought I might try to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on—then you can have a better understanding of what I mean when I say “nothing interesting.”

I know it’s a little late for “spring cleaning,” but I’m finally inspired to fix up the house a bit.  I just wish I were better at it!

When I started to think of ways to re-organize and better-ify my house, I had a TON of ideas.

1. Turn the library into Anson’s office.  To start this massive task, I went through all of my old books and sold/donated anything I wasn’t going to use ever again.  After 3 trips to Half Price Books (approximately 11 bags of books), I walked away with about $50 and gained some empty bookshelves.  I managed to move one empty bookshelf into the common area as well as one full bookshelf.  I was ready to move Anson’s desk into the office when Anson pointed out that there was no internet hook up in that room. Oops.  So, we ordered a 50ft cable and are waiting for it to arrive before moving anything else. 

2. Organize the Master Closet.  The closet was fairly well organized in terms of hanging items (yes, I organize my closet according to ROYGBIV).  The shelves above the hanging items are super tall and had random stacks of clothes thrown up there.  We also stored towels and sheets for the master bedroom on the shelves. Due to the height, it was almost impossible to make things look neat and tidy without using a step ladder to put items away.  We also have random bins, suitcases, etc all over the floor.  I started by going through the bins and taking out any old clothes that I will never wear again—donated—gone!  I got tubs to fold and place the clothes in before they go on the shelf.  Now it’s easy to access and put clothes on the top shelf.  I’ve still got to go through the rest of the tubs on the floor, but it’s a start.

3. Board game infestation under control.  Anybody who knows us knows that we have a bajillion board games.  I discovered just how many when I was trying to fill my trunk with games for a Game Night at my church.  I realized that we not only have a ton of games, but we store them all over the house (coffee table, closet downstairs, closet upstairs, etc).  I bought some shelves from target and built them inside the guest room closet.  I managed to locate all of our games and put them on the shelves (to be fair, only half fit on the shelves—the rest are stacked on top).  Done (sort of)!

4. Spiders are no fun.  Anson showed me a spider that can only be described as “Holy Moly that’s a GIANT spider” in the garage.  Clearly it was time to clean the garage.  I built a set of shelves and got our garage items (toolboxes, gardening tools) off the ground.  I also sprayed the garage with lavender essential oil and water. It’s supposed to deter bugs. I hope it works!  Unfortunately, we still have some items in the garage to get rid of, but I can’t do that without renting a truck.  Also, the amount of garbage/recycling I collected has completely filled the bins.  Now, there’s not room for any more trash or recycling this week. Naturally, I have tons.  There are a couple of cardboard boxes around the house that are slowly being filled with other boxes, cans, bottles, etc.  And they are just sitting around the house.  This drives me BANANAS!

5. Kitchen Chaos.  I don’t often cook. I use 1 pan and 1 pot consistently, but that’s it.  So, as I was looking around the kitchen the other day and noticed the STACKS of pots and pans in the cabinets, I thought it might be time to downsize.  I also noticed STACKS of tupperware that may or may not have lids and STACKS of random stuff in the pantry.  I bought a couple of organizers for the cabinets (lid holders, can holders, racks), but haven’t even touched them yet.  Maybe I’ll start on this over the weekend.

I would love to take before and after pictures to share, but I can’t stand the idea of taking before pictures.  The house is in a state of transition—bookshelves strewn about, boxes of organizational materials I haven’t touched yet, boxes of recyclables.  This kind of thing drives me bonkers!  I probably should have only done one of these things at a time, but I got a little excited and went a little crazy.  I look forward to sharing the after pictures though. Keep an eye out for those 🙂