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DSCN1862I had never been to Salmon Days before.  I knew a lot of people who had gone and, for whatever reason, had assumed that it was an education-based event where people sat around and learned about salmon. Not exactly my cup of tea.  But, after chatting with my friends Dave and Karen Conley, I learned just how wrong I was!

Dave and Karen invited me to come explore Salmon Days with them this past Saturday.  Just driving to meet them I knew this was going to be a big event.  The streets were PACKED! 

There was so much to explore!  There were hundreds of local vendors there, each set up with their own tent.  We walked up and down each street and peeked in each one.  A few times, I would be drawn in—and I’m not someone who normally enjoys window shopping (just ask any member of my family).  I generally go shopping when I know exactly what I want and exactly where to get it.  In and out.  Done.  But this was really fun!

I was really impressed with a lot of the artwork, but sadly can’t share any pictures.  Taking pictures of artwork is frowned upon and I wanted to respect the artists’ wishes. I will say, there was some amazing glasswork available. I almost bought Anson a hand-crafted glass pumpkin.  They also had a FANTASTIC gargoyle made out of metal.  I’m a little glad Anson didn’t see it—I’m not sure it would look quite rightWP_20131006_001 on our roof 🙂 I really liked a lot of the photography they had for sale.  A lot of beautiful pictures of local nature—I will keep it in mind the next time Anson and I need something for a wall.

I ended up buying Anson a game called 9 Man Morris.  I saw the games in a tent and was so intrigued I just walked in, without remembering to tell my friends where I was going—I’m glad they noticed and waited for me :)  This particular game is a strategy game that dates back to the Middle Ages (so I’m told).  The people that make these games are pretty neat. I spent a few minutes in the booth learning about different games (almost none of which I was familiar with) and then choosing the game and the carving that I wanted for the case. I chose the salmon 🙂

There is an insane variety of food available. I wasn’t very interested in eating because I knew we’d be going out for dinner later, but we walked by a stand with free samples of toffee. I love toffee. There was no way I was going to turn down toffee, so I grabbed a small piece and then stopped dead in my tracks. I grabbed Karen and said “You HAVE to try this. It’s the best toffee I’ve ever had!”  Karen tried the toffee and she and Dave ended up buying some.  I was trying to be good (knowing Anson and I are planning on going to Hawaii and knowing that I would eat all of whatever I got), so I didn’t buy any—I just picked up their business card so I could buy some in the future.  By the end of the night, Karen and Dave ended up giving me some of theirs. Their generous gift didn’t survive the weekend. SO GOOD!  I recommend all of you indulge and buy some (if you need an excuse, the company donates part of their profits to charity): 

What else is there to do at Salmon Days? SO MUCH!  We spent a little time in the youth area. 

There was this crazy contraption that people were skiing down. I have no idea if it was a show or if random people were allowed up there, but I was far too scared to try.  They would ski down, do a flip off the end, and land on a giant trampoline/pillow/thing.  Brave or crazy?  Either way, it was super cool 🙂



There were also races in the giant hamster balls, pony rides, etc—definitely worth a visit if you have kids!


I also really enjoyed watching the Doggie Dives.  They had some dogs that were doing practice dives when we were there.  They were jumping for height off of a “dock” and into the water.  The last one we saw was a dog jumping 5’, but they were still raising the bar after we left.  Those were some happy, happy dogs 🙂



Now I know what you’re thinking—where’s the salmon?  We did see some!  We were walking around and heard a bagpipe. We followed the music into the free expression area (Long Live the Bagpipes!) and there was a bridge there.  Voila! Salmon!




I took this picture off the side of the bridge.  You can see the salmon in the picture if you look closely. Well, it’s either salmon or rocks. Or possibly just the sun on the water.  I’m not entirely sure now that I look at it.  I suppose I would know more if there were people there that were teaching about salmon.  🙂

Thanks Karen and Dave (and Arlene) for taking me to Salmon Days! I had a ton of fun and can’t wait until next year 🙂


To end this post, Anson would like me to update everyone on the puzzles:  He’s winning at puzzles. It’s not over yet though. There’s still plenty of puzzle left to do!