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Easter is always a busy time of year, so it was nice to get a chance to celebrate this year.  I got home from Easter Vigil on Saturday night around 10:30pm and Anson and I decided to color some eggs.

DSCN2539        DSCN2540

I had forgotten how much fun this is—and how loooooong you have to hold an egg with the wire thingy to dye it half one color and half another!  We kept busy while we were dying eggs by trying to solve a cryptic crossword.  I think we got about 3 clues solved before we finished dying eggs Smile



I had decided that I was going to try to make a lamb dish this year—a tradition in our family. My mom normally makes a full leg of lamb, but since there’s only 2 of us (truthfully, 1 of us—no way Anson is eating an untested recipe), I wanted to do something on a much smaller scale.  I found a recipe for a healthy lamb stew, but it takes about 14 hours to cook. So, at about 1 in the morning, I started putting it together.


After chopping all the ingredients, it was basically “just add water and press start.” That’s my kind of cooking!  I was in bed before 2—phew!

On Easter morning, I got up early to get to church to play bells (woohoo!) and then made my way home for a long Easter nap.  When I got up, I tried some of my traditional Easter lamb stew—and stopped about 2 bites in.  It wasn’t lethal, but it sure wasn’t good. It tasted like meat and veggies in water. If I try it again, I’ll definitely need to add salt, pepper, and garlic.  So, we had Chinese food for dinner.  Yum!  Just like Christmas Smile

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends!