The third day in Hawaii was spent in Maui.  We had a walking tour scheduled in the morning.  We had our walking shoes on and were ready to go!


Our tour guide was a historian of the island. He was also an emergency responder, practitioner of Hawaiian medicine, and a minister (just to name a few). 


There actually wasn’t much walking on the tour.  The guy took us around town and pointed to stuff that “used to” be there.  We saw quite a few parking lots.  I did get a couple pics of some cool things.  For example, the birthing stone where the Chieftesses used to have to give birth.  Praise the Lord for modern medicine!




The tour included a Hawaiian fruit tasting.  Which ended up being a trip to a local café where they gave us all a piece of pineapple.  Mmmm 🙂



The true fun began when the tour was over.  One of our friends on the ship told us that Maui onion rings are the *best* onion rings on the planet. 

She. Was. Right.

We asked a local where the best onion rings could be found and she sent us to Kimos—a restaurant that does not sell onion rings.  Go figure! So, we walked across the street and found a place called Moose McGillicuttys (not actually sure how it’s spelled) and they had Maui Onion Rings on the menu.  I paired it with a Moose Mai Tai.  Mmmm!



DSCN2327    DSCN2323


Then we were off to find some shaved ice. I had already had some on Kauai, but I wanted to get some that were made Maui-style. Basically, it comes with gelato in the bottom of the cup. I got pina colada flavored ice this time.  It was the perfect thing to have while walking around town and enjoying the Christmas decorations.


DSCN2332 DSCN2337




And, of course, I took a few pictures while sailing away 🙂


The next morning we arrived at Hilo on The Big Island—and it was raining.  No beach for us!  Fortunately, there are 2 free shuttles at every port.  One takes you to Hilo Haddies (Hawaiian merchandise store) and the other is run by Walmart (go figure).  We started out at Hilo Haddies where we saw the world’s largest Hawaiian shirt.  Woohoo!



We then walked around the mall. And Walmart.  But ONLY because we were told it is the largest Walmart in the USA <excuses, excuses>. 

We actually spent a bit of time trying to find a café with Kona coffee, since Kona is located on the Big Island. No luck! 

Ah well! Aloha Hawaii! Until next time 🙂


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