They sure do keep you busy on these ships! We have been having a BLAST doing trivia three times a day 🙂

We have a few different groups of people we do trivia with and we have been getting to know them pretty well. We’ve won trivia twice now (and come in close a few other times).  We do a lot better at the pop culture questions than we do the geography and world history stuff. Go figure.

We had a ton of fun the other night playing The Liar’s Club—laughing to the point of tears! Basically, three of the crew members sit on a panel.  They are given a word (something which no one has ever heard of before) and they each tell a story which gives the definition.  The stories explain what the definition is, how they know it, etc.  Two of the people are lying…and they are ALL trying to throw you off.  My favorite new word: erecterine.  I dare you to try to make up a definition for that word before looking it up 🙂

The shows have been really neat.  We watched a fruit and vegetable carving demonstration. So cool!DSCN2051


DSCN2049    DSCN2044DSCN2047    DSCN2040

We also got to see the an AMAZING fiddler named David Klinkenberg.  He played a blue-grass version of Flight of the Bumblebees that would knock your socks off!  We ended up buying one of his cds (though not the Christmas one—they were sold out).  We got to chat with him as well afterwards. So cool!


DSCN2090    DSCN2093


Till next post!

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