For those of you who are curious about what it is like for me to be in school for computer science, here is a snippet of a conversation Anson and I had tonight:

Me: Hey babe, will you check my code while I run to the store?

Anson: Sure!

<Anson grabs my computer and starts scanning the screen>

Anson: Huh.

Me: What?

Anson: Umm…it’s just that…uhhh….

Me: What? I’m going to need to know if I’m going to fix it.

Anson: It’s just that…well, it’s not written in java. I mean, you wrote it using Eclipse and it’s a .java project, but….it’s just not java. Did you not notice that none of the words are different colors—it’s all black.  I mean—I don’t even know how you got it like this.

<I lean over his shoulder and look at the screen>

Me:….but it works, right?

<Anson types something>

Anson: Well, yes…


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