Aaaaaaaaaand school is back in session. I already miss vacation.

I’m up late working on the first coding project of the quarter.  Sometimes I wish code were more like people.  When it throws an error, I want to be able to shake my head disapprovingly and say “you know what I mean” and have it laugh, say “yeah, I know,” and start working.

But, no.  Of course not.  It does silly things like print out my binary number correctly the first time I call it, but put a “0” at the front of it the second time.  Or it throws an error every time I try to delete memory I dynamically allocated. Every. Single. Time.

I can only assume this stems from my love/hate relationship with pointers.

Every time I think about my relationship with pointers, I imagine an actual coffee date with a human-sized arrow.  And the arrow always looks sad.  One time, it cried and said “The program ended and you just LEFT ME THERE!”  Yes—this is what I think about during class. I can only assume Anson had the same daydreams when he was in college. 🙂

So, I am up late trying to delete the memory and make my pointers happy—and thus far I’ve been gloriously unsuccessful. The problem with coding late at night is that bad decisions are made. Bad, bad decisions.  For example, deleting every occurrence of the word “const” in your code. Why, you ask? Well, that’s a great question.  I honestly have no idea. At the time, it seemed like a great way to make all of my addition and subtraction operator overloads work better.  And now my code “smells.” It has “bad code smell.” Which is apparently a real thing (trust me—I learned about it in college).

I’m sure I’ll get it eventually.  Still have a couple days left to get this all sorted out.  Add back all the consts, get rid of memory leaks, and-well-everything else in the requirements.  Should be a fun weekend! 😉

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  • Mom Horton:

    Hello, I am a friendly pointer and would love to have coffee with you! Really you are a very very good writer-creative and witty, fun and great to read!
    Miss tour guys and so happy to see the saga continues! Have fun ?

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