Earlier this week I wanted to do something special for Anson. He’s an awesome, amazing, wonderful and supportive husband and every once in a while I get the urge to do something nice for him.  This time, I decided to try to clear the spiders out of the garage.  Ah, romance.

I started by doing some research as to the best way to do this.  The internet told me that I should vacuum them out.  That way, I get all of the webbing and spiders out of the garage without having to touch/smash them.  Afterwards, I read that I should spray my garage with something to prevent the spiders from coming back.  To avoid nasty chemicals, I went with some lavender essential oil mixed with water.

So, I head into the garage with my vacuum and spray bottle and get to work!  After about 5 minutes (about 1/2 of the way around the edge of the garage), the vacuum sucks up something suspicious.  I don’t exactly know what it was (due to my fear of spiders, my eyes were closed for a significant portion of the work), but I heard a <clunk clunk> come from the vacuum.  It no longer had any suction.

There was a long mental battle over what to do next.  Do I try to fix the vacuum?  Should I try to clean up the rest of the garage with a broom?  Should I just give up?

Well, giving up was not an option (yet).  I tried to fix the vacuum.  By “fix the vacuum,” I mean I shook it, looked in the hose, turned it upside down and shook it again, then gave up.  I proceeded to pick up the broom and finish up the work.  Because my eyes were closed for the entirety of this portion, I can’t say for sure if I got every single spider, but the garage looked nice.  And, after spraying the lavender, it smelled nice too Smile

Now the question is, what do I do about the vacuum? Should I spend the money to go buy a new one? Or should I spend the afternoon taking it apart and trying to fix it…and then go spend the money to buy a new one? 

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  • Debra Horton:

    Honey, if you try to fix the vacuum yourself, remember that it might be full of spiders, and it will be very hard to do that fixing with your eyes closed! Anyway, best of luck with your spider detail-I couldn’t do it even with my eyes closed . I would have to be in another place altogether, which would of course make it really hard to complete the job- : 0.

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